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Wiring Software – Excel for wiring diagrams

Wiring DS is a powerful application for drawing wiring diagrams from the list of I/O signals in Excel.

  • It draws the electrical and wiring diagrams of the PLC Cabinet.
  • By using the information from the I/O list in Excel, Wiring DS generates the wiring diagrams from the field instruments to the PLC.
  • It has many Excel macros to simplify work and reduce time spent.
  • Technical requirements: PC with Windows 7 or later and Excel 2010 or later.

What advantages does it have over other programs?

  • You can use the I/O list of the project to draw the wiring diagrams.
  • The data entry and electrical symbols of each part of the diagram (AC, DC, PLC, I/Os, etc.) is done in an Excel sheet. Only the visible (unhidden) rows are considered, so with the use of Excel AutoFilter it is possible to easily and quickly create several alternative designs to compare costs and/or propose alternatives to the client.
  • It is very easy to make modifications by deleting or inserting Excel rows.
  • Revision control can be done automatically by marking symbols with colors (standard or full marking)
  • It incorporates macros to perform functions such as checking for duplicate tags, fast entry of labels and series of numbers in I/O lists, material counting and cost, automatic creation of the project I/O list, etc.
  • The diagrams can be exported to PDF or to a multi-sheet Excel file.
  • It can be used as a tool to very quickly create a draft of the wiring diagrams that complements the use of other electrical schematic design tools.
  • Due to the low cost of the tool, any technician can draw the schematics or diagrams using his/her normal work PC.

Templates, Symbols and Title Block of the project

  • There is a separate Excel file with up to 64 modifiable templates (32 for the PLC modules depending on the model, and 32 for the complete wiring diagrams with the junction boxes). The file can be duplicated to create more templates almost unlimitedly.
  • There are 500 modifiable symbols available (100 for AC three-phase, 100 for AC single-phase, 100 for DC, 100 for PLC modules, and 100 for interfaces such as relays or isolators).
  • There is a modifiable “master” Title Block where the logo can be included.

Other features of Wiring DS

  • Up to 3000 inputs / outputs.
  • Automatic numbering of cables.
  • Automatic generation of cross references.
  • Generation of the Bill of Materials from the user’s database in another Excel file.
  • Texts can be entered in any language.
  • The wiring diagrams can be drawn using any field in the I/O list as the grouping criteria on different sheets, or by signal type and module density.

wiring software

wiring software

wiring software


Wiring DS will be available very soon.

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