Wiring DS Prices

Version >DS2DS4DS4 subscription
Max. I/Os20040004000
License (1 year)1 license (1 PC)2 licenses (2 PCs)1/2/3/4 licenses (*)
Price/license (eur)320 €430 €430/250/200/175€
Renewal price320 €430 €400/150/120/105€

Free license for Wiring DS1 (up to 48 I/Os).

(*) DS4 subscription (automatic annual renewal): It is possible to purchase 1 or more licenses in the same order (for 1 or more PCs) with an increasing discount. For example, if you buy 2 licenses with subscription the total price is 500€ (2×250) and the annual renewal price will be 300€ (2×150). It is possible to cancel the automatic renewal.

Main differences among versions

Version >DS4DS2DS1
Max. number of I/Os on IO_L sheet400020048
Max. number of pages (IOx/JBx sheets)999206
Available IOx/JBx sheetsAll IOx/JBxIOx/JB5/JB6IOx/JB5
Insert a Table into diagrams and change fields position (IOx/JBx)YesYesNo
Max. number of used rows (AC/DC/PLC/LYT)unlimited400140
Max. number of pages on AC/PLC sheets99972
Max. number of pages on DC sheet9404714
Modes of marking (for revisions of diagrams)AllAllStandard
Export diagrams to Excel / PDF / PrinterYesYesPDF/Printer
Check duplicated tags, etc.YesYesNo
Numbering of pages fromany number11